$50.00 USD
Cyber Security Consulting Tier 1 (10 Available)
Our consultant(s) offer a wide variety of topics but not limited to the following

1 on 1 consulting with a cyber security specialist

1)Info Security - Information Security, sometimes shortened to InfoSec, is the practice of protecting information by mitigating information risks. It is part of information risk management.
2)OSiNT - Open Source intelligent Tools or gathering - We help you learn and understand the fundamentals & importance of using these tools in your cyber sec career.
3)Dox protection
Doxing is where a advisory targets an individual to expose their publicly available information. Doxing can be very dangerous as cyber criminals will harass & blackmail you with this information. Here we help you mitigate these risks by teaching the fundamentals of doxing & risk mitigation/prevention.
4)Pen Testing
Simulating common and advanced attacks from advisories
Creating a blueprint of your cyber security projects